I often wonder why I still have this website.


Another Image Expo is coming.  January 9th, I believe.  I’ll most likely be there.

My LCS is going through a tumultuous transition.  This has impacted my ability to keep up with comics.  That said, here’s my pull list as I remember it (and in no particular order):

  • Saga
  • Fatale
  • Velvet
  • Sex Criminals
  • Sex
  • The Bounce
  • Nowhere Men
  • East of West
  • Sheltered
  • Ten Grand
  • Chin Music
  • FF
  • All-New X-Men
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • X-Men
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Massive
  • Hawkeye
  • Captain Marvel
  • Pretty Deadly
  • Lazarus
  • Satellite Sam

I might be forgetting stuff.  I’ll probably drop the X-Men titles soon, simple as a continued effort to steer away from Marvel titles.  I can always get trades.  (Bendis’ X-Men titles have been loads of fun.)


In other news:  I’m going to see if I can create a new job for myself at work.  It’s not that what I’m doing is… Bad?  I just want to do something I feel will have more meaning for the department/company.  I have… Plans…


I occasionally wonder if people stumble upon my Twitter account.  If so, do they think I’m totally out of my mind?  I hope so…


Theme change is a go.

I ended up with my first gig doing a site for someone else.  It’s not truly finished — changes are needed to improve SEO, for example.  Also, I’m working on responsive design.  It’s kind of tempting to turn that whole site into a WordPress blog with most of the pages just being static information.  At least that’ll improve the time it takes to implement responsive design.  It just becomes a matter of replacing all of the colors.

So, I’m averaging… What?  2 posts a year?  Or less?

By the way, if you’re not already doing so, you should be reading the following comic books (in no particular order):

  • Hawkeye (Marvel) — hands down, this is Marvel’s best comic right now
  • Saga (Image)
  • Fatale (Image)
  • The Massive (Darkhorse)
  • Hellboy — all of it (Darkhorse)
  • Nowhere Men (Image)
  • East of West (Image)
  • Manhattan Projects (Image)
  • Storm Dogs (Image)

Image is pretty much at the top of the heap.  Marvel and DC have their franchise teams and characters and will probably always do well, but the best material is coming out of publishing houses like Image and Darkhorse.  I’m sure there’s great stuff coming from the other indies like Drawn & Quarterly and Top Shelf.  I’m just not aware of it!

Seriously, though:  Fraction and Aja (and any and all fill-in artists!) are putting out an absolutely stunning comic in the form of Hawkeye.  Or, excuse me, Hawkguy.  Who’d of thought, right?  ”THat guy that wears purple and shoots a bow?  How could he be cool?”  Bro.  He’s cool, bro.  Plus:  Pizza Dog.  You should follow him on Twitter.

Also, Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic are killin’ it on Thor, God of Thunder.  I’ve always enjoyed Ribic’s art, but what he’s doing in Thor seems to go above and beyond his past work.  I’ve been enjoying Bendis’  two X-Men books, too.  I’m really looking forward to Brian Wood’s X-Men.  Mohawk Storm — need I say more?

I was a bit dismayed about Age of Ultron, at first.  It felt like AvX had JUST finished, and here we were being presented with yet another cross-over event.  So far, though, it’s been interesting (in a good way).  I always enjoy the dialogue in Bendis’ writing.  Tony Stark laughing out loud and realizing they’d all been set up, years ago, was great.  I have not been that into Hitch’s art, though.  The panoramic pages and scenery and such have looked great, but so much of his anatomy is… So… Awkward.  (Not that I could do any better!)  I thought the Fantastic Four tie-in issue was really good, too.  Nice art and a touching story.  I’m hoping the pay-off for AU will be good — I’m very curious to see how this will neatly tie in to all the other Marvel books.  And, how will things go during and after the next event, Infinity?  The name implies the return of the Infinity Gems/Gauntlet (even though the gems were destroyed…?) which makes me fear a big universe reset.  Because, you know, the Now initiative wasn’t enough of a soft reset (not that Marvel would ever admit that it was).

I just re-read Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen.  That is a fantastic, 12-issue comic that I highly recommend.  The gratuitous explosions, the hilarious dialogue, the amazing flashback sequences.  Plus, the issue where a certain pot-helmeted gent in red makes the team imagine themselves in other worlds.  The way Immonen mimics art styles for that sequence is gorgeous.

Looking forward to The Best of Milligan & McCarthy from Darkhorse.  Should be an entertaining read.

What else… Satellite Sam and Jupiter’s Legacy are almost here.  I saw some preview art for Jupiter’s Legacy at the end of The Secret Service #6.  Frank Quitely.  You, sir, are an illustration juggernaut.  I see art like that and I want to throw all my sketchbooks in the garbage and give up entirely.  Whoever’s handling the colors is doing a great job, as well.

Speaking of colors:  You should probably buy every comic colored by Jordie Bellaire.  Mara, Nowhere Men, Manhattan Projects — to name a few.  Go get the Winter Soldier issues she did, too.  OH!!!  And Dr. Strange: Season One not only for her wonderful coloring but also the kick-ass art from Emma Rios.  Did I mention that one was written by Greg Pak?  No?  Oh, well you should read Planet Hulk.  X-Treme X-Men was fun, too.)

artistik indebbers

1) Been doing art. A friend encouraged a project wherein we’d draw comic book characters in 10 minutes or less. That original theme has been left behind and we’re sort of free to draw whatever. Similarly, the time limit no longer matters so long as the process remains enjoyable. I’ve put a number of the drawings on Flickr (user: waamatt).

2) Been working on a D&D/Pathfinder campaign setting with one of my best friends. We’ve hit quit a snag in development, but a lot of ideas and groundwork have been laid out. We just need to start fine-tuning and pick a specific area of our world to develop in depth. It’s harder than it sounds when both parties have full-time jobs and relationships. Or, in my case, a family.

3) Might merge my Tumblr blog in to this. Not sure. It would be much more sensible for me to post here, making some kind of use of my website (beyond the mail server).

4) Stonewall’s Jerquee is delicious. The spicy shiitake mushroom Primal Strips, too. I know that the imitation meat stuff is silly and quite possibly detrimental to the vegan movement, but when the flavor is good and the texture is enjoyable… How can I say no?

5) When is Bao and Bowl coming back to Off the Grid at 5th and Minna? I want to try some more of their stuff. Also, Koja Kitchen. Those vegan thingies with the rice patty bun… Zomg.

6) Works is kind of soul-draining and stressful. But there are elements of it that I enjoy. Even though I am no longer part of Customer Service, I am spearheading the San Francisco Chronicle’s Customer Service presence on Twitter (@SFCSubServ) and Tumblr (sfcsubserv.tumblr.com). I also set up a Tumblr for the Chronicle in Education program (AKA CIE or NIE) and that’s sfcie.tumblr.com. This has been a nice experience as I get to interact with customers in what I hope is a meaningful way, all the while establishing a body of information for other customers to utilize. Eventually I’ll turn the project over to the Customer Service team at 901 Mission, but for now… ‘Tis my baby.

7) Oh, yeah. I’m on Twitter @waamatt. And Tumblr, waamatt.tumblr.com. The Flickr is flickr.com/waamatt (requires you to be a user).

8) I need to drink more water.

Why, hello there.

It would seem I am doomed to never update this site to what I want it to be. (A self-inflicted doom to be sure.)

I’m seeing increased spam activity in my main e-mail account and I’m not sure why. I can certainly speculate, but I’d like to believe there’s one or two solid reasons for it and the most obvious culprits don’t make sense given recent activity (or lack there of) on my part.

It’s a really nice day. I hope I can avoid going outside.

Enjoy your weird bath.

Repurposed thingamajig

Time to start making use of this site that I pay money for by posting nonsense.  It’s like LiveJournal all over again, and not free!  Yay!


I’m waiting for the world to cash in on turning real, live social events/gatherings into ___ With Friends events/gatherings.  Zynga’s on to something.  Take a game you were already meant to play with other people, and force you to play it with other people.  Gasp!  But let’s take the banal, the dismissable, the eccentric and the useless and With-Friendatize them:

Fondu With Friends
Line Dancing With Friends
Movie Night With Friends
Board Games With Friends
Casual Drinking With Friends

The possibilities are endless.  ENDLESS!


Alternatively, I’ll accept With Enemies entries into the digital series.  When a friendly rivalry stops being fun, crank it up a notch or ten by receiving death threats from strangers because they’re so damn sure you’re cheating.  Hey, it’s not my fault the ENABLE dictionary contains some total bullshit entries.  Gosh!  Those rivalries need to be far more disconcerting.  I want to worry about making my next play. Don’t you?


And now time to think up meaningless tags to create clutter in my blog’s database.  Try it at home!

In the works.

Yeah, yeah, I know… Site’s been in development for years now. Never really had any worthwhile content in the first place. I’m cooking something up that may ultimately have a takedown order against it since it’ll probably upset another company who no longer makes the product said “something” is tied to. That and I do want to develop my own content management system for the site (despite its blatant lack of content to be managed).

I owe a friend a drawing in the mail. I am such an ass for not sending it to him.